III Percent Flag 3% Hat Clip

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You already have a Favorite Hat. It's broken in like a good pair of boots, and the brim is shaped just right.

But ALL of your friends have these cool "Tactical Hats" with Morale Patches they can change out depending on their mood or the occasion.

You don't have to be left out... with our Hat Clips you can wear your favorite hat, and still change out your Morale! We even have customers who wear them on their watch caps! (beanie in non military speak!)

Our Hat clips stay securely in place until you swap them out, and they won't damage your hat!

We can do custom Hat Clips as well, just contact us and we'll let you know what we need!

During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King's tyranny never amounted to more than III% of the colonists. Three percenters today, for the most part, identify with this 3% because they were true patriots fighting for the freedoms the nation we love and honor was founded on. Three percenters intend to maintain their God-given natural rights to liberty and property. History itself, for good or ill, is made by determined minorities. Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed citizens to change the world. Indeed, it has never been done otherwise.

I am a III Percent Patriot.

Those before me who were known by this title took the field against the King and fought to repel the tyranny of the Crown. We had the support of many in the Colonies, but only about three percent of us took to the fields of battle with the arms of the Militiaman.

It is my turn to stand against Evil.

3 Percent. III Percent. Threepers. III'pers.

I am the defender of my republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Mine is the final recourse, the final appeal, the final line of defense of Liberty. I am there, when words have failed.

Collectivist politics and the deliberate perversion of the Constitution are murdering the country, practiced by both major political parties, our Courts, and sadly by many of our Countrymen.

Our Government is not the problem, it is men who use Government as a vehicle for their crimes against humanity that offends the republic.